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Accounting Jobs In Lancashire

Accounting Jobs LancashireHave They Survived The Recession?

The economic downturn which started in 2008 undoubtedly impacted on the northwest of England to a very large degree.  Many businesses failed and were unable to survive, and this was certainly true in the Lancashire area.  However accounting jobs, Lancashire wide, are still available and there are many opportunities for a good career in an accounting job in Lancashire. 

People often think that when a recession hits then the first jobs to go will be accounting jobs.  After all if businesses are going bust, then there will be no need to have accountants and so there will be no accounting jobs. Lancashire was hit by the recession, that is true but it has quite a rich and diverse economy, so many businesses were able to survive.

When the recession first hit Lancashire, many small businesses were hit.  These businesses needed financial advice, so they turned to accounts.  In turn this led to security for all different types of accounting jobs.  Lancashire then turned the corner and managed to stabilise the local economy which in turn meant that accounting jobs were safe and that there are still many opportunities.  The days of Lancashire being poor and industrial are certainly over.

It is true that historically Lancashire was always dependent on the cotton mills, but since the cotton mills went, diversification has had to take place.  This means that there is a good mix of industry within Lancashire, from the powerful BAE systems, right down to cheese producers, farmers and breweries and what do these firms need?  That’s right, financial advice - which means that there is a need for accounting jobs.  Lancashire is therefore a good place to seek employment.  The diverse nature of the local economy makes it more resilient against sharp economic downturns.

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The range of accounting jobs Lancashire wide, means that there are also opportunities for career progression.  In other words, it is possible to start on the bottom of the career ladder, but quickly progress to the top and to take advantage of working in lots of different areas.

There are also jobs available in the public, private and voluntary sector; all of which are able to offer some really interesting accounting jobs.  Lancashire is certainly somewhere that has a good balance of all three different sectors and many accounts people like to gain experience of working in the private and the public or voluntary sector, rather than simply working within one area.

So if you want the best when it comes to accounting jobs, Lancashire really is the best place to look for some really interesting opportunities.  The jobs are also varied, so the whole spectrum of the career ladder is covered, from basic accounts keeping to managing multi-million accounts for clients.  The range of opportunities is simply vast.  Why not check out for yourself just how many accounting jobs Lancashire has to offer.  You will not be disappointed and it is also a fabulous part of the country in which to live and work.

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