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Insurance Jobs: A Guaranteed Future.

Insurance JobsIf you ask most members of the public what they think, when they are asked to consider insurance jobs, they will probably state that they think about Home Insurance or car insurance.  However, there are many more insurance jobs, many of which are incredibly complex and very interesting, since the world of insurance is about much more than home or car insurance.

Travel insurance is something that most of us will need to have at least once or twice a year and it can be a very interesting area in which to work.  There are many travel insurance jobs available in the travel insurance and often these are highly skilled because you have to deal with people who may be emotionally distraught and are concerned about a loved one or relative who is ill and or has had an accident overseas.

Other insurance jobs are also available; some of these are incredibly interesting and quite demanding.  Marine insurance or even aviation insurance, freight insurance and other types of insurance jobs are all just that little bit different and can offer a very lucrative career pattern.

Some people choose to specialise with regard to insurance jobs.  So they may start off working in the field of professional Indemnity Insurance and from there they may specialise, so that they will be working with clients in a particular niche area.  This may well be health and safety or it could be working with architects or construction firms, to ensure that they have adequate insurance and help them to deal with any claims there may be made against them.

Jobs in insurance

Some insurance jobs focus on making assessments of claims.  Jobs in insurance can vary from actually assessing the claims as they come in and processing them or it could be about assessing how much of a pay out a customer should be awarded.  These ‘loss adjustors’ have very skilled jobs and the work can be quite demanding.  Sometimes customers may argue with the adjustor, so a level head may be required to cope with angry claimants.

Increasingly there are many insurance jobs offered working in fraud detection as a fraud detection officer.  Fraudulent claims are on the rise.  Some people have even been found guilty of harming their pets just so that they could access an insurance payout.  Some road traffic accident claims may also be suspicious and these require someone to go through all aspects of the claim and asses its veracity. These types of insurance jobs are very skilled and require somebody who can be very methodical and systematic, to ensure that genuine claimants are not penalised, but that anyone who has submitted a fraudulent claim will not get any money.

So if you thought that insurance jobs were simply about setting up car or home insurance, then think again.  There are many very interesting insurance jobs that can offer a very varied and interesting career and as the world becomes more litigious, so we can be sure that we will always need insurance and if we always need insurance, then there will always be insurance jobs available.


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