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Jobs in Finance: A Wealth of Opportunities!

jobs in FinanceIf you think that jobs in finance are limited to book keeping jobs, accountancy jobs, financial analyst jobs or banking jobs, then you should think again because there are lots of jobs in finance that are often very interesting and exciting roles, which are well remunerated, and yet we hear very little about them.  Some jobs in finance are involved with serious fraud or corruption, sometimes in the UK or even abroad. 
One example of a job in finance can be as a forensic adviser.  So you could be a Forensic Accountant or even a Forensic Tax Analyst.  All that “forensic” means is that it pertains to the law and in serious court cases there can be a need to have an expert indicate if fraud, corruption or illegal activities have been undertaken. 

Financial Job Vacancies

Other jobs in finance are less dramatic, but still can be very interesting.  Hedge fund managers or people who are involved in the stocks and shares markets can often have very exciting careers that are exceptionally well paid.  The insurance industry also relies heavily on financial experts to help them settle claims fairly or at least to minimise their losses and ensure the company has no big ‘hits’ that are too big to withstand.
Some jobs in finance can also advise companies about commodities and how to buy stock so that money is saved; speculating to accumulate and so on.  There is no single type of job that is defined as a job in finance, it really depends on where a person works, the nature of the work that they do and whether they are a number cruncher or an adviser, or even just part of the management team.  To get a flavour of the many jobs in finance that are on offer, just go to www.ijobsfinancial.co.uk: you will be amazed by just how many jobs there are!

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